May 21st Keep Pushing On

Been really inconsistent with my log lately. Its all good though.

CF In house comp last week…3 sick workouts over three hours. Wont replay that here! Forgotten most of them anyway!! Or trying to!

In this morning for my 3rd session this week. Feeling like crap so pre workout was neurofen cold n flu

On my final week of phase 3 of 5/3/1 and last week was a bit of a deload week I guess! n the middle of a cycle I know, but I wanted to do the comp so I did the final week today and  I really didn’t think I would hit my numbers, the previous week had been tough. Wasn’t getting anything above the prescribed set so figured i would definitely fail my top set today.

Warm Up

40, 50


56 x 5, 64 x 3, 71 x 1 + 1 !!!


Yes I know its only one but i didnt even think id get the top rep! Im going to redo this phase again and if I don’t start killing the top sets I will go back and reset the program.

Accessory was split squats and back raises


Russian Twist x 30 +5kg plate

Crunches + 5kg plate x 15

Crunches with feet elevated x 15 +5kg plate

x 2 rounds


Think sweating that out helped….keep on moving!!





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