Saturday 9th April

Forgot to log last weeks numbers but they were handy enough.
Last night was


Did front loaded KB Squats and my quad / knee was a bit twingey but i managed to work through it. Did air squats in the workout and it was actually the burpees that hurt the most.


40 x 5
46 x 5
53 x 5
60 x 6

Last set way harder than it should have been but entirely my own fault for doing last night’s workout and then straight in this morning with less than 24hrs recovery after alot of squats after no squatting for a long time.

Accessory was
Kroc rows 12.5 x 8 e/s
Back raises on the GHR x 10

Was absolutely starving when i woke up  so going to go eat all the food now!


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