Falling off the radar

So it’s been 18 days since I last updated here! Well after all the celebrating of the new job wound down I have had some temporary stuff taking up a great deal of my time.

Went away for the weekend which was so so badly needed, but not before I checked in with Lyda and got my bodyfats done.

Well after finishing the reset program, I am 5.5kgs lighter and lost 2% bodyfat.

The loss was a very sustainable kilo a week and I could deffo have lost more fat if I had been stricter with the starchy carbs and didnt fall off the wagon at the last week. But i’m not going to apologise for having a celebration after chasing something so hard. Life is to be lived and the program for me doesnt end with the 30 days, I have learnt a so much about myself , my behaviours and the effects sugar has on my body, my mood and my hormones.

I have some great habits ingrained now.

  • I don’t need to drink as much diet coke as I used to!
  • Meal Prep aint so bad!
  • Cravings are levelled off
  • Im reading the labels and making informed decisions about my sugar intake
  • Giving up bread wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

Once I start the new job I am hoping to be back into a solid routine. Since my hours are changed, I don’t know if the 6.30 am classes are going to work out anymore. If that does come to pass, and I will have to train in the evenings, staying off sugar will be even more integral to having successful workouts in the evenings. It will also require more food shopping an preparation at the weekends. So I am going to have to see what happens on that front!

Tonights workout…

You know you have missed a few workouts when walking up the stairs knocks a bit of wind out of you!

Usual warm up

Hack Squats – got about 8 reps in when my knee went snap crackle and pop 😦

Banded knee extensions x 20

Wall sits


1 min row

1 min rest

1 min bike

x 4 rounds of each

2016-01-27 17.38.53







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