Days 18, 19 and 20

Past few days have been a bit of a blur tbh! Lots of things going on, mostly good! Some time off work kinda threw up a few obstacles and a very well deserved and unplanned cheat meal in FXB!

Burger with cheese and bacon, skinny fries, glass of prosecco and an after dinner toblerone martini! ❀

I thoroughly enjoyed it, I didn’t feel totally crap afterwards but AGAIN I did not sleep well that night, so theres something to consider moving forward anyway. Keep the treats early in the day to avoid sugar messing with sleep!

The most important thing was that the next morning I was back on the wagon with my poached eggs, bacon and avocado. Now full disclosure, I had two bites of donuts. Yes they were delicious and yes i stopped at two bites.

Lunch was some beautiful lemon sole with caper butter and a baked potato. Dinner was shepherds pie. All good.

Training today was tough, I conked out last night hard and slept for 9 hours but really felt like I could have done with 2 or even 3 more! My knee was VERY sore and relatively easy weight was harder than it should have been 😦

PWO chat with lyda and she’s happy enough with my progress, she understands that the behavioural educational changes are a huge part of this!

Then i hadCoffee and went home and made an Omelete.

2016-01-31 23.11.25






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