Day 17

Last nights session was one of those sessions where your coach will just not let you away with ANYTHING.

“Why are you benching?”

“How is your knee?”

“Why aren’t you squatting?”

“We have to load that quad and get it firing!”

“Cmon I know you can bench more than that, get some weight on that bar!”

“Why is your stance so wide, narrow it! We need to punish that quad!”


and so on and so forth. oh, that was just one coach, also had our new female coach keeping a very.very. close eye on me with a list of painfully close observations to match the list above. *sigh*

I benched, wall sitted! and gluite bridged and skull crushed my way up to the wod which was teams of two, with a sound gal who enjoys being realistic and a good cup of coffee as much as I do! ❤

Teams of 2

50 pull ups (I assisted hers while I did ring rows, or should I say botched)

50 push ups (scaled off a box, muuuch harder than a rack, and I need A LOT of work on this)

100 KB Swings w 12kg

1200m row so we did 4 x 150m

and guess what, I didn’t suck for ONCE! I normally tank out HARD and EARLY on the rower, not this time. Made it to 110 before I slowed and kept a sub 2:00 pace (150ish) for most and I felt faster too if that makes any sense!





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