Day 13 …cruising along

So had my check in chat with Lyda.
Apart from one really crappy nights sleep and some headaches this past week has been ok.
Stress at work headed in an upward trajectory but i didn’t fall off the wagon (as much as I wanted to!) My appetite has decreased dramatically, not for trying now as i was supposed to do but it happened anyway. Im eating less three square meals and one snack and more fats will help with he headaches which i wish i knew during the week



50 x 3 for the 18 minutes. Strength has deffo taken a hit.

Clams x 12 w bands
Back raises x 10
Single leg hip thrusts x 6 e/s

3 x rounds

Opp toe touches x 30
Some smashey slow bicycle like core movement
Side plank x 30sec e/s

2 rounds


Paleo banana  bread no sugar! Courtesy of one of my fellow sugar free soldiers!


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