Day 9 Sugar Free

So after some correspondence with Lyda and a re-read of the hefty 50-page guide book for the 30 day reset I have some work to do this week.

While it was great to go gung-ho last week instead of easing myself in with swaps, there were areas I should have been aware of or at least adhered to.

  1. There are certain fruits to be avoided in weeks 1 and 2 (looking at you banana)
  2. Starchy carbs should be kept to a minimum (i may have gone maximum here)
  3. Caffeine also limited to 1 cup a day! (Eeeek!!!)

So Lyda said I should ease back on the fruit and potatoes and to be more mindful when eating. (fork down between bites, if still hungry protein and veg) Maybe take measurements too (should really have done that last week)

Also, my sad step is broken so need to get a battery :/

Food so far today

  • Cappuccino
  • Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie
  • Almonds
  • Water
  • Lamb and Broccoli for dinner – later

Hoping to get my 6.30 am workout in tomorrow. Also, must pick up some magnesium spray tonight!



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