Day 8 Sugar Free!

I survived. Not only did I survive the first week, but the first WEEKEND

So Week 1 was basically like this

  • Day 1 & 2 – “This is easy, I’ve prepped all my food and everything is GREAT!”
  • Day 3 – “I want to murder everyone” Walk around looking as angry as Detective Diaz from Brooklyn Nine – Nine all day
  • giphy (1)Day 4 – Finish murdering people you didn’t have the energy to murder yesterday and go to the gym where you will have the worst workout ever and nearly vomit.
  • Day 5 – Weekend is nigh’ you’re nearly over the worst!
  • Day 6 – Surprising amount of energy, which is good because you will be TESTED like you are in The Hunger Games.
  • Day 7– Body wakes up expecting treats, so drink coffee instead.


So now here we are in Week 2.

An entire kilo lighter. I imagine it should have been more but the first week is a learning curve. Appetite was all over the place, so I’m hoping to be able to put some sort of portion control in place this week, since I hope i’m over the worst part of the-no-energy-and irritation-at-all-time-high-levels.

So goals for this week….(apart from today!)

  • 3 workouts minimum
  • Get back using the headspace app
  • Eat breakfast consistently (that one is already off to a bad start)
  • Supplement with magnesium
  • Portion Control




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