Day 6

Still a bit foggy headed.

Went to meet Lyda and talked about my first week. Said my food is on point, suggested supplementing with magnesium to help me sleep and try and keep up the water intake even though she said she understands how difficult it is. Everything im experiencing is normal.

10.30 Strength

Went for conventional deadlifts. Kept same weight as last week,  coach said i wouldnt be hitting any PRs any time soon on the 30 day reset so just take it handy with the weights. Luckily they felt marginally difficult yet totally manageable if that makes sense.
Felt good to channel my irritation into something.

50kg for every 3rd m.o.t.m for 3
Accessory was mobility

and majorly surprising is Albert asked me how my knee was and its not hurting me atall. Even though rolling out my calves hurt.

Hung out in the bottom squat position and it felt good, one of the coaches even said it looked good. I guess the lack of sugar has helped bring down any inflammation in my knee which is super.

Back raises x 10 off a box

Partnered up with my yoga teaching pal who said she’s noticed a difference in my movement (i was coming up a bit quicker on one side) and its now noticeably different.

Clams with a band x 10

Single leg hip thrusts x 10

2 rounds


30 x russian twists w 5kg plate
15 x side bends each side w 15kg db
15 x sit ups with plate feet planted
15 x sit ups with plate feet raised
30 toe touches

2 x rounds

Stretched out



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