Feb 2nd and Day 2 of the ’30 Day Reset’

So despite not having prepped ANY food on Sunday night for my 30 day reset, yesterday was ok. Fuelled on by copious amounts of coffee I went out for a bowl of soup for lunch with a friend. After making an absolute pig of myself Sunday my poor stomach was in ribbons so I didn’t have an appetite anyway! Just as well…

Was a bit hungry by dinner time, so snacked on fresh raspberries and a piece of cheese while prepping dinner (sweet potato shepherd’s pie) only cut back was worcestershire sauce which has sugar in it, so popped a chilli in as a sub but forgot to add my usual veg! That will teach me to not read the recipe!! 🙂

Had a piece of raw coconut after dinner, weird but nice!


Fancied a smoothie for breakfast this morning, poor choice as there’s no protein and i hadn’t trained I just really wanted it! Milk, Raspberries, Raw coconut pieces, blueberries and a banana. Welllllllll it had the consistency of paint with BITS in it so it needed less coconut or more time in the blender! Verdict: C- ‘must try harder next time’ 

Absolutely starving now, and entirely my own fault as I have had very little fats or protein today…even worse, I have to get my arse on a spin bike and try and do 10K…..something tells me my time is going to be BAD.

Food today

  • Coffee x 2
  • Raspberries – snack
  • Water – poor ! Less than 800mls
  • Shepherd’s Pie for lunch
  • Salted Caramel Twinings Tea (Smells like heaven, taste not so much! bit of a head melt but nice all the same and no sugar so all good)
  • Almonds – snack

On the bright side I’m going to cook this for dinner!



Very Excited! 🙂



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