Climbin’ The Walls

As part of the gym challenge it looks like im doing the climb. Yeah no bother says I.


The wall looks alot smaller when you are looking down on it than being at the bottom rigged up to a harness and ropes looking UP at it!

Went up a couple of times and abseiled down. The abseiling was the terrifying part. Hilarity ensued when i refused to let go of the wall and got into a fit of nervous laughter.

oh yeah, also stood on the scales this morning *sigh* weight loss stalled, probably because I took my foot off the gas last week buoyant about the 2kilos i had lost!

so absolutely have to tighten up the diet this week. Not helped of course by coming home last night to a BROKEN OVEN! so no microwave, no oven, had to eat out, had a thai red curry with rice. Didnt feel amazing after it, finding alot of what used to be ‘nice’ food aint tasting so nice these days! And happily the oven will be fixed this evening though! 😉

2016-01-25 15.50.25


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