Sunday 17th January

Leg pretty tender from Saturday session with physio. Couldn’t take much foam rolling.

Upper Body

Strict Press – Bar

4 x 8

Circuit of

Lateral Raises x 10

Some kind of lateral raise in a bent over row type thingy! x 10

OH Plate Raises x 10


Woke up today -2KG so I’m delighted with that. Even though my training and food was a bit iffy last week. Genuinely thought i wouldn’t have lost anything or that I possibly even gained some!

So there’s a lesson here folks, train hard and cut out the processed foods and you can still live your life. b-uh-leeve me I certainly did. Had pizza at lunch one day (a few slices because ya-know…moderation!) had a lovely lunch in a bar on friday guinness and beef pie and ate until i was full, leaving a fair amount of potato behind, but not begrudgingly! Even had an M&S dine in for two on Saturday night with two glasses of frizzante.

So it is possible to enjoy your life without feeling like you are depriving yourself and still keep on track, the key here was that I was eating breakfast every day, training hard and had my lunches prepared for the week.



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