Saturday 16th January

Physio sesh today.
I have limited ankle range in my right ankle, super tight calves and adductors are overloading my knee.

Tested my squat and single leg movements and how my knee tracks over my knee….which it doesn’t  it just collapses in.

So moving forward I have to

●Concentrate on pushing my knees out but narrow my squat stance
●Bodyweight single leg squats with a dowel
●Bodyweight Box Squats
●Regularly work on tackling my adductors and calves with lacrosse ball and grid roller
●Possibly get a monthly sports massage depending on how things are going

Probably going to be quite sore tomorrow, there was some eye-wateringly painful trigger points attacked today.

Glad ive found a good physio though. Was wondering what id do there for past few years since mine had left to go work for an Sports NGB



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