Saturday 17th October

Had a bit of Granola this morning then had a coffee before strength class at 10.30

Legs were in a bad way with DOMS from the bulgarians so coach advised against deadlifts for GVT this morning
Went with Bench

Warmed up and then started with 19kg and at set 6 upped it to 20

Got all the sets and reps. They have taken away the timing element which was a killer. Focus on the negative part.

3 rounds of

DB Bench 7.5 kg dbs x 10
Bicep Curl 10.5kg x 10
Tricep Pulldown x 10

Core x 2 rounds

Toe Touches x 20
Bicycles x 30
Side plank e/s x 30 secs

Great vibe in class today.



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