The Day My Life Changed

Most people if asked probably wouldn’t be able to pinpoint a day or even a month or week when they believe there was a significant change in their life. As it happens, I can.

Saturday 19th of June 2010.

I walked in to RAW Gym on South Richmond Street and scanned the room looking for my friend Gill. She was there to blow a few myths surrounding weights and weightlifting / powerlifting / strength training out of the water for myself and a handful of other women. This day is significant in a couple of ways. I found out I was capable of picking up more than 2 x 4KG Dumbbells and I also met my future husband!

On that day I deadlifted 50 KGS. Now for anyone who has never lifted anything more than 4KGS this really will not mean anything to you. How do I know this? Because it never meant anything to me before I had either. I used to hear lads talking about benching 150KGs and them all having kittens over it and I was like “oh cool, good for you!” all of these numbers will always just be numbers on a page until you have gripped a loaded barbell and ripped it off the floor.

For the past five years, it is probably the only thing I have done with any consistency, on any given Saturday you will find me in a gym with a bar in my hands. Even if I didnt manage to get any other sessions in that week, I always manage to find time on a Saturday to deadlift.  I hadn’t really ever stuck with anything over any significant period of time before this, but this, deadlifting…it stuck with me. I have good days, I have bad days, I get sick, I get de-motivated and there are days I can’t face the thoughts of deadlifting and other days after smashing a PR, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I try to train three times a week. It has up to now worked mostly quite well for me. Other times I am so horribly inconsistent I wonder how I have gotten away with so much (from a strength perspective) given how flaky I am around everything else I should be doing to improve my deadlift, this includes nutrition.  I am trying very hard to be one of those training-five-or-six-days-a-week kinda people, maybe there is hope yet! My biggest success came from the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 program but now I’m doing Crossfit so who knows what that will do for me!

In the space of four years (let’s not call it five because I haven’t tested my max in a year) I have added 35kgs to my deadlift. Sounds alot in some respects, but it ‘s not enough for me…it works out at an average of 8.75KGs a year. If I managed to put that on to my current max this year it would be really nice, twice that would be IT…but I always want more I’ve always wanted more.

Since I started I have had one round figure in my head that I have wanted to hit. My body weight has fluctuated wildly in this time and not in the direction I would hope for infact it’s on a trajectory I need to stop.. but that deadlift number remains the same. It still eludes me. Maybe because I keep getting distracted, maybe because I think I will never be strong enough, never be good enough or maybe I don’t want it as much as I thought I did? Maybe I need to stop messing around doing 5k runs and changing gyms and losing focus and training for 10k runs when I really fucking hate running and just put all my energy all my focus into achieving this one goal.

I can’t even remember why I started writing this but I think life is too short to be doing anything you don’t absolutely love if you can help it.

Sorry Dee!

I would be the first person to die in a


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