Tuesday 8th September

Dark at 6 am this morning! Boo! Considered cancelling and going back to bed but give n the trouble I had getting to sleep last night and the guilt I would feel for not going, i just got on with it.

2015-09-08 07.30.36

benched up to 2 sets of 8 at 27.5kg

Krock Rows Probably should have been heavier

WOD was grand, went heavier with farmers walks this time (2 x 12kg) maaybe should go for 16s the next time!

Did 5 for OH press and carry heavier again next time.

So really the moral of the story is HTFU and go heavier!

Could it be im actually getting stronger :O


Woeful lately. As lack of updates will testify.

Today: Protein Shake made with water and a cappuccino.



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