Who gon stop me huh? Wed 2nd September

Major willpower required to drag ones ass out of bed at 6 am when the alarm went off. Pretty dark and pretty cold!


Went for 2 x 8kg kb’s for front squats. Hitting the 8 reps.

Then 5 broad j2015-09-02 07.36.51umps

EMOM Plank and wall sits for 10 minutes


Wod-ification of fight gone bad?

  1. 1 min Row (Cals)
  2. 1 minute of DB Snatch (7.5)
  3. 1 minute of Farmers Walks (10 each)
  4. 1 minute weighted sit ups (2.5)

20 seconds rest between each station for 3 rounds.

My recovery between rounds has shot up. That WOD was completely manageable. Probably should have gone balls out for the row heavier for the snatch (8/10?) and heavier on the walks (12/16) and w/ sit ups (5)

Will know for next time. Buckets of energy this morning, maybe the few days off and the carbing up helped?

3 eggs scrambled for breakfast had to bin avocado wasnt ready for eating. Eugh. 1 x cappuccino. 10.30 and I am ravenous again.



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