On Tuesdays We Bench…. August 26th

Did my 30min run alst night. Was effing awful.

This morning…6:30 am


Worked up to 2 sets of 25kg x 8

So those last couple of reps are still grinders so when it’s a bit more comfortable I will move up. Actually, did I get 30 last week? If I did today was piss poor so 😐

Assistance was ring rows x 8


Plank x 1 min and Wall Sits  x 1 min


15 x KB Swings (12kg)

10 x Hack Squats off the board

10kcal Row

4 rounds

The squats were a fucking killer.



Brekkie: 3 eggs scrambled in a sliver of butter with 10 almonds. 2 x cappuccinos. And now I sit, trapped at my desk looking out at the pissing rain, no raincoat or umbrella wondering what the fuck I am going to do for lunch! edit: managed to get soup and some chicken breast, combined 29G of Protein! get In! Have some apple slices and peanutbutter ready for later

Water intake so far today: Shocking.

Three Months of Crossfit under my belt and I haven’t died. ‘mazing eh?

Pity I don’t LOOK like I have had 3 months of consistent training! Or kgs on the bar to show for it :/



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