Thursday 20th August….

6 a.m Alarm Goes off and I’m not feeling 100%. Things hurt that shouldn’t and feel pretty tired too. Swelling around right ankle seems to have gone down though.

6:30 a.m

High Hip Crawls

Low Hip Crawl

Mountain Climber Stretch

Crab crawls


A) DB Bench press 2 x 8kg

A1) External Rotation x 10

Got through about 6/7 rounds? Left bicep really started twinging me towards the end.

EMOM for 10 minutes

Bicep Curl (8kg bar)

Landmine Press 20kg bar

WOD 12 minutes

1st min: Row for max cals

2nd min: Bar Hops

Asked for a bit of help with rowing technique after class, arse hitting back of ankles too much when rowing. Think ive fixed it now though. 20815

My upper back is absolutely FRIED at the moment. Going to grab a few sneaky minutes on a foam roller soon and try stay on my feet as much as possible for the day.


Breakfast : 3 eggs scambled in a sliver of butter, pinch of pepper and onion salt and 10 almonds.


Have to do a few errands up town in a bit so hoping I can put a clean cheap lunch together. Been doing the avocado-salmon gig alot this week.


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