Tuesday 18th August

Warm Up:

Row 1min

Hang 1min

Shoulder Rotations

Partnered Band pull aparts 50 each


Worked up to 30 x 5

DB Row 12.5kg x 10 – 4?

Partner Core:

Back Raises x 10

Weighted Sit ups x 10

10 minute cap

WOD on a 2.5 minute clock

200m run

10 KB Swings (12kg)

10 Step Ups

4 rounds

Happy with the bench, haven’t hit that weight in as long as I can remember. Just short of the 8 reps but was happy to grind out 5. Could be a long time before I see progress on bench again while I’m trying to drop this weight. Ankle held together for the run, but it’s still swollen?

Some promix after class and a Cappuccino

Have sweet potato for lunch, just gotta pair it with something. Probably smoked salmon again and a bit of avocado as it’s really hot out today!


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