Thursday 13th August….low low low

Crap nights sleep. Dragged myself out of bed at 6 a.m


6:30 a.m….

2015-08-13 06.27.51


Dumbell Press (7.5kgs)

Split Squat (BW) – Really struggled with these today, felt like they were all over the shop and unnecessarily hard.

Pike Pull Ups and External Rotations.


5 x Push Press

10 x Burpees

12 x Heavy KB Swings

5 Rounds for time

Had 5kg dbs for push press, over committed on the kb and picked 16kg, didn’t get through first round before dropped to 12 which ate in to my time.

Really struggled with the wod today, was just so exhausted.


PWO: 1 scoop of whey in water (grim)

3 Cappuccinos before lunch (2 of these were tiny teacup sizes at a meeting but still)

Lunch was roast lamb, broccolli and red peppers and some carrots. Water intake has ย been dreadful, nothing since workout this morning (fills 800ml bottle and does the best in next two hours left at work!)

Snack: 30g of wyldsson promix

Starving. Really noticing the affects of a no breakfast training day. Dreaming about all sorts of ย huge quantities of food for dinner.


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