Wed 12th Aug….fail to prepare and prepare to… SUCCEED!

Went out for quite literally two drinks last night (2 rum & diet coke) came home and had a bowl of lamb with half an avocado. Managed to avoid the post drink easy food takeout option (Aha!)

This morning, woke up with a headache. My other half cleaned out the fridge the previous day and took my salmon and eggs which i was going to have for breakfast.

Had a cappuccino, got into work and was getting scrambled eggs and smoked salmon when the girl came out and told me no smoked salmon in THEIR kitchen either! FFS! So i managed to get an avocado instead.

Had half a cup of tea at 11 a.m in a meeting. Headache leveled up by lunchtime. 2 solpadeine. Q Spanish inquisition from pharmacy tech. Listen lady my head hurts now just give me the fucking codeine.

Had 30g of wyldsson pro mix with my solpadeine and waited it out. Had an errand to run and found myself outside mongolian BBQ looking at their €5.90 stirfry

Opted for about two tablespoons of noodles, carrots, beansprouts, red peppers, mushrooms and peas. Threw some chicken, peanuts and chilli in with satay sauce.


Wasnt amazing but at least it wasn’t a white bread ham sandwich i was debating over mentally earlier in tesco with a splitting headache.

Did my 20 minute run after work (treadmill) 2 mins run, 1 min rest x 7

So I guess given every obstacle i encountered today I deserve a gold fucking star for eating well and exercising.

Now…more drugs and home to dinner which could be anything since all the lamb is gone! Boo!


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