Tuesday 11th August

6:30 a.m Crossfit

11th august 2015

A) Bench

Worked up to 25 x 8

A1) Upright Row x 10 (15kg)


300m row

db snatch 5 each side,

max push ups

1 min rest between rounds.

4 rounds 14 minutes


3 eggs scrambled in a sliver of butter with half an avocado

1 cappuccino

800mls water drank by 9:45 (yay!)

11 a.m second cappuccino (whoops!)

Had a lunch of lamb, butternut squash, red peppers and broccolli and I LEFT IT IN THE FUCKING FRIDGE

Major prep Fail. But at least tomorrows lunch is prepped I guess.

Thankfully my decent breakfast hopefully means I won’t be starving by lunch wandering around like a zombie!

Update: Lunch: Sooo KC Peaches have removed the PROTEIN out of their salad bar. no more plain chicken or boiled eggs. thanks a lot pals.

Managed to get sweet potato sauteed and fished meatballs out of a cheesy maranara sauce,

Not great but better than nothing I guess.

2015-08-11 13.18.17

Dinner will be lamb and roast veg and steamed veg again id say.


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