Here we go AGAIN

and on the 7th day she ran

Deload week: Day 7 : 20 minute run.


Because I’m signed up to do 10K (Beach and Forest Trail) end of November. 14 weeks away. My very good friend an ultrarunner herself is doing my programming for me and is assured I will fly it (ha)

Booked in tomorrow for Strength at 10:30 and as luck would have it the Wed night running classes have finished..right when I need them more than ever in my life!

Anyway, gotta drope dem KG’s so this will have to suffice.

The plan is

Monday – Run

Tuesday – Crossfit (S&C)

Wednesday – Run

Thursday – Crossfit Β (S&C)

Friday – Run

Saturday – Crossfit (Strength)

Sunday – Rest

2015-08-07 07.29.20


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