Somethings gotta’ give….how about 5 kilos?

When I adopted this new training regime a couple of months ago it was a bit of a shock to the system. Lets face it, I have never ever worked quite so hard before in the gym. (ever) What I wasn’t prepared for was the insatiable appetite that accompanied that type of training. I’m still adjusting to it if I’m 100% honest. Some days I just can’t stop eating, other days not so much. Weirdly, some times those I-can’t-stop-eating-days happen on non-training days.

Well the initial shock has worn off, as have the DOMS (mostly!) and maybe, just maybe I’m ready for an extra session a week. However, I need to get my weight back down before anything else. It’s not helping my run time, my rowing time or that ever elusive mystical unicorn like pull up.

I’m a little beyond my absolutely-maximum weight I should ever-go-beyond-zone. So I need to firstly get back to that weight. Then head 5kilos south of that. Then we shall see. If I can be a lean at that weight. I will be happy. (DISCLAIMER – I AM FEMALE AND NO NUMBER ON THE SCALE WILL EVER MAKE ME HAPPY) Obviously I reckon a further 5 kilos below that again would be nice but I think those days are well past me at this stage.

But hey, ya never know. Ive surprised myself this far. Maybe I could surprise myself again! I never thought I could crossfit so maybe I have 10+ kilo weight loss in me too!

Now. Where to start….

Cut out bread? Cut out dairy? Eat entirely non processed foods?

Or instead of all the things I can’t eat, focus on MORE Vegetables, MORE Water, MORE Protein? and MORE Cardio?

Anyway…… we go………….


One thought on “Somethings gotta’ give….how about 5 kilos?

  1. I am right there with you on the never being satisfied with the scale thing. Right now I have about 25 pounds to lose, and once I hit that goal, I don’t know if I will be satisfied. It’s almost like that focus on the scale becomes a hobby.

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