Week Six Day 1

Still trying to get into something resembling a routine…


Limited time and equipment, 14kg was the lightest DB available, so couldnt do curls or bench :/

5 min warm up spin bike, out of the saddle

DB Row 14KG

3 x 8


15KG Plates

3 x 8


Bar x 3×5

It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.

Just to make my life difficult/interesting! I took on a second job last week, not a huge time requirement, but it adds up, there will be after work meetings that will require heading outside Dublin! I’m happy to do it, was just bummed that I had to reactivate my facebook account as a result, was living quite happily without it! aaand to add to the pile I booked my driving test today. Going to have to make a serious commitment to really nailing down my food and training while I find the time to fit the rest in.


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