Day 2 Week 1

Tackled the ‘big’ gym downstairs today was actually quiet! Students back next week, then its as good as a no go area!

Pin 23? 3 x 15

Romanian DLs

Leg Press s/s w calf raises
30kg x 8,8*

*machine seat foam thing was broken and someone had put a foam mat on it and it seemed like a good idea until the metal frame was crushing into my back… so eh yeah not such a good idea

Grip was limiting factor on rdls.

Food today

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled & half an avocado, 1 cappuccino
2nd Breakfast! 2 sausages, 1 rasher & cup of tea
Lunch: Toasted wrap with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, cheese and pesto

Dinner: tbc

Water: 1.5ltrs or thereabouts maybe more
Mood: Good
Energy: Good

Was absolutely starving today. Could be just appetite leveling out now im back at work and actually not being so sloth like. Anyway im going home to eat my bodyweight in food.


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