Day 1 Week 1 :)

First day back at work, eating clean and lifting the heavy things *BLEUGH* thats alot of shock to the system! Lets hope I will sleep tonight so!

Neutral grip DB Bench 8kg

3 x 8

DB Row 12kg

3 x 8

Unsupported bent Over Row

Bar 3 x 8

25kg 3 x 8

Coach said to take it REALLY handy today and leave LOTS in the tank, So for once, I’m happily doing as I am told!

Food Today, pretty good.

2 eggs scrambled with half an avocado

2 cappuccinos (Oops!)

Bowl of Chilli Beef (just mince, no spaghetti)

Dinner: Salmon fillet in puff pastry, carrot & swede mash, & broccoli. Had a raspberry & cream type trifle thing afterwards (Damn you M&S Meal Deal)

Water: Ehm, somewhere around 1.5 litres, maybe a bit more?

Mood: Good

Energy: Good


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