Week 21 No One To Blame

This has always been a busy time of year for me work wise. This year moreso. I have been neglecting my own personal well being, physically and mentally all for work. I haven’t been eating properly or even remotely like proper. Training is a pipe dream most days and the upcoming 5K I’m supposed to be doing is looking like a joke right now.

It’s not good enough and as of now I’m going to be super selfish and start putting myself first. I’m going to head over to wyldsson and buy me some of my favourite snacks to keep here at work since thats (sadly) where I’ve been spending most of my life lately. Then it’s over to My protein to get some zma, bcaas and some protein. Then I’m going to go have a drink with my husband and some food since I’m nearly certain he has forgotten what I look like. Going to seriously reduce the amount of time on my phone over the weekend, and in evenings. Also, pilates on a friday. I’m writing this all down to make myself accountable and re read it when I need to (hopefully I won’t have to)

Sadly it took a couple of dreams and a bad day at the gym for me to wake the fuck up.

Zero energy going into this session, had mentally freaked out anyway, the past lacklustre sessions were about to finish in a spectacular fail at some point soon and I knew I couldn’t go any further.

Deadlift with a shitty bar, shitty weights in a shitty gym, with no chalk.

50 x 5

65 x 5

75 x 3

82.5 x F

DB Rows 14kg

10 e/s x 2

Lat Pulldown -pin ’30’


So… Hello Plateau….Ive been expecting you….


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