My first Deadlift Competition

Some 9 weeks ago I made a snap decision to enter my first deadlift competition. The IDFPA National Championships in Galway. My numbers were holding together quite well and I was overdue a PR at this stage so said what the hell I’ll do it!

Friday : Day before Comp

Woke up with a migraine, vomiting ensued, serious challenge to eat, keep my breakfast down, pack and take a bus journey to Galway.  Slept a little on the bus, arrived, met a friend for lunch/dinner and felt a bit better than I had earlier. Eventually got to hotel, settled in but sleep did not come til well after midnight. 

Saturday: Competition Day

6 a.m got up, dressed and headed over to Gym (20 minute walk) for weigh in at 7 a.m. 

Weighed in and walked back to hotel and had breakfast, chilled out and took my time getting ready. I wasn’t due on the plat form until 12:50 at the earliest so grabbed coffee and went over to the gym to see my two friends lift. Arrived to having missed both their lifts as the competition was running well over an hour AHEAD of schedule. 

On arrival the butterflies had really kicked in, there was a lot going on and I needed to start thinking about warming up. Met a girl in my weight class in the queue for the toilet and we got talking and eventually irked in together for warm ups. Was deciding on one last warm up lift when my friend said I should really make my way to the platform. I didn’t feel ready at this stage and now i was really nervous. Checked in with the officials and I was first in my flight! 

First lift: 75KG – No drama!

nerves still haven settled, still waiting for confidence to arrive!

Second Lift: 80KG – Only pulled this twice before so this was the decider in my head of how the day was going to go! – All good! 

Third Lift: Finally mentally there, asked coach if i should go for broke and said to stick with the plan

85KG – Boom! Happy Days. New PR with loads left in the tank. 

Good day at the office.

Have to say on reflection, on the platform, I didn’t see or hear anything, it was just me and the bar. I nearly lost my second lift because i narrowly missed the queue to put the bar down. It’s definitely a jarring experience and it was hours after the competition before my nerves had fully settled and I could process the whole thing. Genuinely don’t know how people squat bench and deadliest all in one day and manage to do it successfully without losing their minds or energy! 

Anyway, I’m excited to see what the next training blocks will bring. I’m ready for it. 




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