Week 11

God Bless Air Conditioned Personal training Studios!

Hip Thrusts 20KG Bar

3 x 8

(Attempted 30KG but they were a bit hard on the hips, wasnt getting great ROM either so dropped back)

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

20KG Bar

5 e/s x 3

Floor Press

20KG Bar

3 x 8, 2 x 10

Lying Tricep Extension


Side Bends

15KG Plate

3 x 8 e/s

DB Row 14KG

3 x 8 

Thoughts: Cannot express my gratitude for air conditioning when it’s hot as hell outside and inside too! Bit of a mish mash of stuff today. Got a crazy lower back pump off the SLRD’s like enough to make me wonder if I’m doing them right atall. Could just be I havent done them in a very long time /bold 



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