Week 9 Days 2 & 3

I am fully aware I skipped day one of squats this week. Have been feeling lousy before getting a sore throat headache etc my appetite had gone AWOL so there was no way I was getting under a heavy bar with nothing in the tank and nothing to give either!

Anyway, threw the kitchen sink at the strep throat last night, gargled solpadeine, disprin, warm salt water and went to bed for 11 hours and I thought I had it beat until I opened my mouth to speak. I sound like ive a bad cold, so I think it’s hiding in my chest now! Well it may fuck off.


Prescribed numbers were 61, 70, 78 but I wasn’t in SDSC today so had to train in the PT studio at work. Horrible fisher-price-‘my-first-deadlifting’-plates set so you cant roll the bar in close to you, the bar is much lower to the floor and you have to stack it on another plate to get even half way decent height.

40 x 5, 50 x 3, 3

62.5 x 3

70 x 3

77.5 x 6

Step Ups

Found two aerobic ‘steps’ that came up to the tp of my calf so used them with two 10kg dbs
3 x 6

Lat Pulldown

12, 8 (felt really fatigued here)


(prescribed 20, 23, 26)

20 x 3

22.5 x 3

25 x 4


12, 12, 12, 12

Thoughts: Was delighted with the deads, but because I was using crappy plates I had to keep readjusting the plates back which has shifted off the plate and the plates on the bar which took some of my rhythm away from me and because of the awkward set up they were a bit difficult to adjust each rep to. Anyway, another rep pr in the bag. Despite feeling like crap all week!



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