Week 8 Day 1…. head swimming in numbers

Firstly I want to leave these here , it’s a great read and I completely identified with the entire thing


Accounts all day long, 5:30 have the absolute FEAR about squatting.


Bar x 5, 5,

30 x 5

35 x 5

40 x 5

47.5 x 3


30KG Pin 5 x 8

Lat Pull Downs


KB Swings

4 x 10

Thoughts: I knew the current squat numbers wouldnt hold up, theres no way they could so it was only a matter of time before I was due a reset and here we are, after 3 of the ugliest reps. Funniest thing is, that 47.5 was rounded down from a programmed 48! Ha.

Lets hope Pilates tomorrow is better.


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