Following the 10% Rule

3 Square meals a day x 7 days a week = 21 meals

If 10% are not up to scratch, thats the margin of error. Ive had two already this week so thats my quota fulfilled! 

Really struggling mentally today, it’s Friday, normally on the weekend I relax, actually have probably been relaxing too much which is why I have so much weight to lose! I suppose this is usually where the will power fades, have been full of energy (sort of! ha!) and got three days training in, dropped a bit of weight and now the weekend is here to test my self control. 

Have heavy deads on the menu for tomorrow so will try and focus on that, it will be a real indicator of whether last Saturdays PR was a fluke or if I’m actually getting stronger! 

I’m also working on getting as much LIT cardio in as possible, getting off the dart a station early going for walks in the evening. Also working on my mobility in the evenings and doing a bit of core too. 





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