Cycle 2 Week 1 Day 1

So last week was a deload week and due to many unforseen circumstances I didn’t get to do any workouts atall. Also a crippling birthday hangover meant I missed my deadlift session at the end of the week too. Out of all my lifts it’s my strongest so I’m not too worried. 


Went out for a work lunch yesterday so decided to put the extra kcals to use and Squat, since this cycles numbers aren’t straightforward I’ve had to improvise. 

Programmed numbers

28.5 x 5

32.5 x 5

36.5 x 5



Bar x 5

25 x 5

27.5 x 5

32.5 x 5

37.5 x 5

Lat Pulldown

10 x 3

Hammer Curls 

3 x 6

Erg Intervals

100m x 5 with 90 sec rest in between 



No drama with the squats, wasn’t going for more than 5 on the top set since it was heavier than prescribed (reps weren’t there anyway!) tried to use a new queue of driving up out of the hole from the outside of the feet. Still need lots of shoulder mobility work, rack position still woeful. 

Didn’t do a third assistance move as I had a whopper headache for half the day and was still feeling shook after it! 



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