Just can’t serve two masters at once. . . Week 3 Day 1


20 x 5, 5

22.5 x 5

25 x 3

30 x 1

BB Shrugs

Bar x  2×12

25KG x 2×12

Side Bends

15KG Plate

10 e/s x 4

Lat Pulldowns

3 x 10



28, 26, 26, 25, 26 


As usual, trying to drop any kind of bodyfat or lose weight my bench stalls. Nearly got pinned by that top set of 30, not a person in the weights area I would trust to give me a spot so had to go it alone, sods law, three lads I know wander in 10 seconds after I finished. Nearly lost it on my LHS but grinded it out. Scary

Doing the shrugs, I felt a twinge in my SI joint on my RHS, pretty tender to the touch. 



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