Third Time Lucky

So for the third time I am attempting to complete a full 5/3/1 Cycle, 

Week 1 Day 1


20 x 5

22.5 x 5

25 x 6*

*Spotters touch on 6th rep, sad that I even had to have a spotter but hey whatever, this is what square 1 looks like I should be used to it I’m back here often enough anyway!

DB Row w 12KG 

15 e/s , 12 e/s , 10 e/s 

Lat Pulldowns

15, 12, 10


20 mins on the treadmill of intervals 


Food has been super duper today, wellll apart from two cappuccinos but I will wean myself down to one almond milk a day (maybe) 

Fatigued really easily today, but anyway! Onwards and upwards from here! 



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