Deadlift Day

20+ degrees today. Low carbing day 6, no energy spike yet so relied heavily on caffeine to get me through.

Hopped on the scales…hard to tell if theres been any movement as
a) theyre not digital
b) its not true weight anyway.

Anyway it was very demotivating.

Just keep trying to think that the lack of carb bloat has to count for something.

Trying also to think that its just one more week, then i can relax a bit but ideally I still really want to get to 65KGs.
Military Press

15kg x 5, 5,
17.5kg x 3, 3, 3


45KG x 5,  55 x 3, 3,  65 x 2, 1

One arm DB Row

12.5KG x 6 e/s x 4

The top set of the deadlift was 80% of my all time max so I should be happy with that. My oh pressing is so weak it’s actually embarrassing.

Roll on the 6 course tasting menu in l’ecrivan.


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