Session Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Very tired this morning, crap nights sleep, yawned my way through most of these sets. Think the low carb headache has arrived aswell. Day earlier than expected but here we are! 

Lat Pulldown 5th Pin 

3 x 10 

Plate Loaded Chest Supported Row 

30KG 3 x 8


20 x 5,5

22.5 x 5,5,5 

The extra pin on the lat pulldown is surprisingly hard, should have probably put more weight on the CSR and gone for 25 on the top set of bench but I was so zombified I kinda phoned this session in. For shame. Also hip/groin area is still in a jock from Saturdays squat session. Must get back into the rehab. Will buy a 8 or 10kg db for the house so I can do it at home.

Psoas is in bits, should at least be attempting to do some mobility at home on rest days, since my beloved physio doesn’t see regular joes anymore I can’t afford to be getting myself in a mess 😦 



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