Session Tuesday 11th June

Got up this morning before work for a session (yes you read that right!) after a blistering week of sunshine it would of course be the morning I get up early that it RAINS!! Got to the gym, and they werent opened, gave them the benefit of another 5 minutes, so eventually at ten past 7 they arrive to open up. Which I have to say if it’s just a once off fair enough, but my gut tells me the Ironside of old standards have been passed on to the new management.

One Arm DB Row

10KG x 8 e/s for 3 sets


20KG x 5 x 3,

22.5KG x 5 x 2

Lat Pulldown

4th Pin  10 x 3

Interval Erg Sprints

100m x 3 ave. about 27seconds 30seconds rest between

Would have liked to throw in some more cardio but alas not to be this morning with getting delayed waiting for the gym to open.



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