Back To Square One

After being out sick havent been able to train, I still have dizzy spells but Im just going to have to work around them.

Yesterday decided to try and ease myself back into training.

At home with a 16KG kettlebell, goblet squats, reverse lunges and SLDLs.

My strength has completely abandoned me 😦 and my adductors today as you would imagine don’t know whats going on.
Im going to try and do 5/3/1 again as I think it was going alright for me right up until I got sick. On Conors reccomendation I think il have to knock a bit more off the baseline squat 1RM as he said on my last week training that the numbers were harder than they should have been at that point in the cycle. Even though I never missed a set or rep… *cough*

So yeah when my gym reopens il be back smashing some weights hopefully!


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