Week 5 Day 1

So last week turned out to be a de-load week. De load is probably a bit too forgiving considering I did absolutely nothing. Between headaches, a crazy work schedule and planning wedding stuff I just couldnt find time to train. So I got alot of sleep and ate alot of food.

Last night, first night back. Had a headache but had to just suck it up and go train. Opted for Bench, least taxing for me given my mood and energy levels.


Warm up

20KG x 3, 3
21KG x 3

Work Sets

23KG x 3

26KG x 3

29KG x 3*

*The last set I had to miss load the bar so one kilo was heavier than the other. It took me quite by surprise and the first two reps were serious grinders. Without a spot I wasnt entirely confident about the last rep so I got up, switched the extra kilo to my right side (ironically where I have been injured!) which is also my more dominant side, took a deep breath and went for it. Another hard rep, at one stage I thought I twinged something in my back or my leg or something but it was momentary and I was fine.

Overall, harder than it should have been. Not looking forward to the rest of the week.



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