Tis the season…

Due to the usual seasonal engagements and social activities I didnt have any time to train much lately. Managed to get down to Ironside last night.

PVC Pipe to the usual places, some dislocates and shoulder mobility stretches.

Plate Loaded Chest Supported Row

40KGS x 4×8


20KGS x 3×5, 30x2x5, 40×3Β  (think these are right, not sure because I was very tight and had to keep stopping and stretching :/ )

Prowler + 40KGS – 1 trip (morto. gassed doesnt even begin)

Prowler + 20KGS 5 trips

What little level of conditioning I had has now completely abandoned me. Not surprised given the run up to December I had ditched it from most workouts. Ahem.



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