Winter Workouts…. Tuesday 27th November

Hit up Ironside last night layered up! Skipped a thourough warm up of any kind, did some of my hip rehab and took PVC Pipe to Upper Back and quads. Did a few dislocates aswell.

Plate Loaded Chest Supported Row  40KGS x (3×5) 50KGS x (2×5) These are PRs, if you can call them that. More in the tank aswell.

Romanian Deadlift 30KGS x (3×6) 35KGS x 6

Military Press 15KGS x (2×5) 20×5, 22.25 x 3 (May have push pressed these last 3, and couldnt find any record of them in my PR list so I’m also counting these as PRs! (LAME I know!)

Face Pulls 3×10 @pin 13.75 I think

Prowler Sprints Prowler only 5 runs (up & down astro = 1 run) 30-60 sec rest between sprints




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