Cold Day In The Gym….Brrrrrr Workout Saturday 24th November

Hit up SDSC with Conor, Sean and Dave yesterday, also finally got to meet an old friend and colleague of  Conor and Daves, Steven Weinnman (sp!?) who runs Performance Therapy Ireland (Crossfit North Dublin)  so it was great to finally put a face to the name! Hes a great guy and hopefully I shall venture out and see his place at some point in the future!

Anyway, it was so SO SO cold yesterday, scarf, two hoodys, tshirt & underarmour kinda day and even then I was still cold so hit the erg to do some sprints to keep warm. 100 x 5 in between chats!

Bench 20 x (3×5) 25×5, 27.5 x 2, and then (2 x 3)

Scap Inverted Rows 3 x 5

Speed Pulls 50KGS a double on the minute every minute for ten minutes concentrating on good form and fast off the floor.

Front Squat, havent done these in forever so just did a couple of sets of 5 with the wimmenz bar to see how the felt. Decided if I’m going to break the rules and squat il just back squat, set at 15, couple more at 20 and finished up with a triple at 30.

DB Row 5 e/s with 15kg DB 3 sets

Side Bends 10kg plate 8 e/s x 3


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