Workout Saturday 20th October SDSC

Been fighting some sort of head-cold like symptoms all week and felt like crap right up to Friday. Couldnt train on Tuesday like I normally do due to working late. So the plan was a Thur-fri-Sat week. Friday just wasnt happening, felt awful all day, came home had some tea and ibuprofen and went to dinner. Had a really good feed and a couple of glasses of wine and woke up on Saturday feeling alot better only to find I had seriously reduced mobility in my right arm. WTF?

Went to SDSC and did about 40 minutes of prehab and mobility work and lots of foam rolling, hammered my upper back with a lacrosse ball, serious pain. Trained anyway, Bench up first….

25 x 5,  30 x 1, 30 x F

I should have had that second rep, in fact that entire set should have been mine but since I had no power in my arm it was NOT happening.


Speed Deads… 45KG doubles on the minute every minute for ten minutes

One arm DB Row 12.5KG 3 x 8 e/s  supersetted with

DB Curls 3 x 8

Russian Twist, feet elevated w 10KG plate 5 x 5


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