weekend warrior

Had to get a really quick session in work yesterday so no rehab no warm up.

Did the cardio first on a brand new concept 2, literally hit my best time first go with no effort. The difference between an old rusty crocked concept 2 and a brand new one is apparantly 3 seconds. Who knew.

Erg 100m x 5 …25 sec best rest were 26/27

DB Bench 10kg 3 sets of 6 or 8

DB Row 12.5 3 sets of 8

Legged it.
Saturday 13th October


SDSC with some friends…..


27.5 for 3×5

Got these but I fought for them, and then Conor reminded me it was a rep PR.


Did something I never usually do, warmed up with a 60KG bar….felt heavy, did a triple I think
. Then I did, 67.5 for a couple of doubles I think. These were WAY harder than I thought they would be. Put 74KGS on the bar for my prescribed 3×3 set. Got the first one, looked strong apparantly. Went for the second one and I dunno I just mentally gave up I think. Conor told me to call it quits. I was really really pissed.

Conor assured me it was NOT a strength issue, my CNS hasnt recovered from the massive volume last weekend and I need more time. He said it was his fault but its a learning curve for both of us and he will think about it and decide where to go from here.

Did some of the Kettlebell bent over row things again, 2 sets of 10

Tried some hand stand push ups, couldnt get close enough to the wall unsure

Tried to do some frog-planche-things, got off the ground twice for about a nanosecond.

Oh and my hip is definitely FUCKED. AGAIN. So I have pretty much given up hope of ever competing, and given that i really really need to get a new Deadlift PR, I need to prioritise. Can’t try and squat while running a deadlifting peaking cycle.

Seems like my deadlift goal will be coming with me into 2013, hopefully I will get it before my birthday. Will be re-assessing my goals too. Might try and get an unassisted pull up, learn to power clean etc.

Off to get shitfaced.

I’m out.


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