Arthur’s Day? Nah goin’ to the gym instead!

Just another day as far as I was concerned. So hit the gym. First up, PVC pipe and hit the usual suspects upper back, hips, quads. Upper back felt AHMAZING after this. Sore, but so worth it.

Hip rehab circuit.

I couldnt remember what I last leg pressed so I threw 100KGs on and got busy. First set was difficult but not manageable for a further four so dropped down to 90 and did the remaining sets 5 x 5 in total

It’s not on my program but I’m toying with slowly re-inroducing squats in to my life again.

Squat 20 x 5, 20 x 5, 30 x 5

DB Bench Press 8kg dbs 3 x 8

s/s with DB Row 12kg db 3 x 8

Facepulls 13.5? 3 x 12

Skipped conditioning today….. I’m using all the extra walking I’m doing for the pedometer challenge as an excuse :p

Will deffo up the weight on the DB Bench and rows, will try up the reps on the facepulls. Hips felt a bit sticky? this morning, don’t know how else to describe it? Least it’s not the red hot raw chronic pain that squatting used to leave me in. May try squatting again on Saturday…. #badass




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