Workouts…and a return to form on at least one front

Can’t even remember how many days I got in last week. Two anyway. All I remember is leg pressing 80KG for 5×5 and it not being as easy as I remember. Home workouts are still 5 sets of KB Swings with a 16 s/s with 5 x 5 push ups from knees. Seems my computer or me has been failing to save my workouts. Lets blame technology MKAY?

I did take a note of Saturdays Session

Step Ups with a 6kg db in each hand 5×5

S/S with RDLs 35KGs 4×5

Squat (yes thats right!)

20 x5,5 then 30 x 5,5 then 40 x 5…. these werent the easiest Ive ever done but shure whaddya expect when you havent been squatting for months on end. The good news anyway is that I have it on good authority that they didnt suck completely and I should be happy with them. I’m just happy my hips havent exploded in the mean time. So I’m going to try and squat once a week. Even if it means not having the use of my legs for the weekend.


this was supposed to be another 5×5 but given how utterly weak and useless my bench is it went more like 20 x 5, 25 x 5, 25 x 5 and 27.5 x 5 and thats where Conor cut me off.

And now for something completely different

Underhand-reverse-grip-barbell-row (thats a mouthful) 25KGs for 4 x 8

That is something that Dave (who incedentally was doing Pndlay rows at the time) made look soo easy.

Called it a day at that point.



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