For some reason my computer is acting like a little bitch and refused to log my past couple of workouts.

Both of them were at home, kettlebell swings (16kg) and push ups five sets of both 10 swings and 2 x 3 on the pushups.

Last night down at Ironside

Hip Rehab

Leg Press 70KG 5 x 5 – This was hard 😦

DB Bench 8kg db 3 x 6

s/s with

DB Row 12kgb db 3 x 8

Just realised right this second that I was supposed to do facepulls. body probably convieniently forgot these because my gammy shoulder was in bits.

Erg 100m x 5   29, 25, 25, 28, 30

Wanted to foam roll when I got home but my Lovely *SARCASAM ALERT* other half has taken to lending out our foam rollers to all and sundry at various times. He has a policy on not lending books or dvds, well I think there should be a no foam roller lending policy. I need it more than those brats you coach!

Going away tomorrow evening where alcohol will be consumed, which means Saturday deadlift plans are pretty much redundant. Should I have the will to live after Saturday I plan to move deadlift day to Sunday.

It better not suck….


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